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After School Program 8/31

After School until 5:30
Voyager Basecamp--280 North Cora

Ouray students take the bus to Voyager and Ridgway students meet at the purple picnic table in front of the school
Then we walk to Voyager
Snack + Highs and Lows
Homework help/free study--Ouray students arrive by bus.
Pick up is any time before 5:30.
The cost is $4/hour prorated to the next 15 minutes. Purchase after school hours in the after school catalog.

  • Ouray Realty
    Ouray Realty
  • CSB
  • City of Ouray
    City of Ouray
  • Anschutz Family Foundation
    Anschutz Family Foundation
  • Sneffels Realty
    Sneffels Realty
  • RRL
  • George Gardner Scholarship
    George Gardner Scholarship
  • Mount Sneffels Education Foundation
    Mount Sneffels Education Foundation