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In order to make healthy choices, youth need a lot more than the admonition to "just say no." That's why Voyager Youth Program invests heavily in evidence-based, nationally recognized substance abuse prevention programs. As part of our strategic prevention plan, we train staff to implement programs in local schools that are proven to delay the onset of risk behaviors, or help youth to avoid risk-behaviors out-right.

These programs are delivered at no cost to schools, families, or students because of an Office of Behavioral Health and other generous grants and private donations that Voyager receives to support them.

Current prevention programs available at Ridgway and Ouray Schools include:

  • Homework Help free tutoring
  • Positive Action- a life skills and substance abuse prevention program for Ouray seventh graders (funded by the Office of Behavioral Health)
  • Project Toward No Drug Abuse-an effective drug abuse prevention program that targets senior high school-age youth (funded by the Office of Behavioral Health)
  • Community Action-Basecamp offers a variety of Community Action opportunities including childcare, working at second chance, and more! 
  • Leadership-Basecamp offers leadership opportunities at our teen center and through our Youth Empowerment Group.  
  • Lunch Groups- an opportunity to address social & emotional issues in a supportive environment, hosted in collaboration with Juvenile Diversion, for seventh and eighth graders
  • Sources of Strength-project designed to harness the power of peer social networks to change unhealthy norms and culture, ultimately preventing suicide, bullying, and substance abuse (funded by the Office of Suicide Prevention)
  • Prevention Week and the annual Safe & Sober After Prom Party- an intensive education week with a mock accident every fourth year followed by a big celebration each April, for high school students, in collaboration with Juvenile Diversion