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After School Program 1/17/22/ Ouray Full Day

After School until 5:30
Voyager Basecamp--280 North Cora

Ouray Full Day: Hike in Ouray and Lunch at Buzzard Gulch.
Every day Ouray students take the bus to Voyager and Ridgway students meet at the purple picnic table in front of the school
Then we walk to Voyager
Snack + Highs and Lows
Homework help/reading/journaling--Ouray students arrive by bus.
Pick up is any time before 5:30.
The cost is $4/hour prorated to the next 15 minutes. Purchase after school hours in the after school catalog.

  • Ouray Realty
    Ouray Realty
  • CSB
  • City of Ouray
    City of Ouray
  • Anschutz Family Foundation
    Anschutz Family Foundation
  • Sneffels Realty
    Sneffels Realty
  • Ouray Silver Mines
    Ouray Silver Mines
  • RRL
  • George Gardner Scholarship
    George Gardner Scholarship
  • Walmart
  • Amazon Smile Foundation