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Community Outreach Workgroup

Community Outreach Workgroup


Utilize and leverage state mass media resources and campaigns to decrease favorable attitudes towards substance use and to change community and social norms, through education and outreach to parents, community members, and visitors.

During the elementary years, children usually express anti-drug, anti-crime, and prosocial views; they have trouble imagining why people use drugs, commit crimes, and drop out of school. In middle school, as others they know participate in such activities, their attitudes often shift toward greater acceptance, placing them at higher risk.

Parents’ attitudes and behavior toward drugs, crime, and violence influence the attitudes and behavior of their children. Children whose parents approve of or excuse them for breaking the law are more likely to become involved with juvenile delinquency.

If parents use illegal drugs, are heavy users of alcohol, or tolerate children’s use, children are more likely to become drug users in adolescence. The risk is further increased if parents involve children in their own drug- or alcohol-using behavior—for example, asking the child to light the parent’s cigarette or get the parent a beer from the refrigerator. Parental approval of children’s moderate drinking, even under supervision, increases the risk that children will use marijuana and develop problems with alcohol or other drugs.

Sourced 2/21/2018

Using state mass media campaigns already available for use and educating the public and retail sectors about the effects of substances on the adolescent brain could decrease favorable attitudes toward substance use.

Workgroup Members

Victoria Durnan

Clea Willow

Mary Kelly

Tanya Ishikawa

Alex Durham

Danelle Norman, Chair


Workgroup Activities

  • Lemonade Stand for information dissemination and Public Service Announcements at Ouray County Summer Concert Series.
  • Prioritize and develop a local media campaign presence for the following state mass media campaigns:
    • Forward Together:  Encouraging youth and adults to develop authentic relationships, another poster contest was held across Ouray County Graphic Design classes.  The four winning posters are displayed through the schools and around the community.
    • Speak Now Colorado!: We have presented pilot workshops encouraging parents to have ongoing conversations with youth about substance use.  Currently posting reminders and infographics in public spaces.
    • Responsibility Grows Here:  Knowing this is geared toward the general public, we are coordinating with retail marijuana establishments to deliver proper storage and usage messaging to clients.  We have also coordinated with local government and the hospitality industry to distribute hospitality cards reminding tourists to use responsibly and dispose of properly.  The photo on the card was chosen through a contest for youth.
    • Rise Above Colorado: A campaign for youth by youth, On the Rise depicts positive messaging and promotes youth making healthy choices.  We have created a poster contest for Ouray County Graphic Design and Marketing classes.  High schoolers navigated the sight and created and submitted their own posters to be voted on by their peers.  The winning poster shows local statistics, quality design, and positive messaging.  Youth voted on the posters submitted by Collin Kendall as the winner.  Congratulations, Collin!  Check out all of the winning posters here; or visit Ouray County Schools to see them hanging in the halls.
    • The following year, we leveraged a Rise Above Colorado sticker contest in which all stickers submitted are printed and available for purchase to support youth events.  In fact, one of the entries was one of six chosen from 450 submissions to be distributed through Rise Above/fill your world with good.  It also became the mural installed on Ouray School.  Congratulations Maisy Gardiner!
  • Engage local media in creating a shared understanding:  By inviting newspaper and radio to quarterly Community Board meetings and writing letters to the editor we are continually earning coverage that spreads awareness of our work to reduce favorable attitudes toward substance use across the community.
  • Collaborate with other community resources in developing and distributing hard media and creating opportunities for youth:  Through a Rise Above Colorado! public artwork collaboration,we have installed a mural on the Ouray School gym.
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