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The Ouray County CTC defines itself as an evolving support system for Ouray County youth, that provides opportunities for active involvement in promoting a healthy environment for themselves and others, assisting them in reaching their full potential as competent, compassionate, responsible, and resilient adults. 

The Ouray County Communities that Care Coalition is making progress and is happy to welcome new members.  On March 29th, 2017, the Community Board split into six different workgroups: Risk and Protective Factor Assessment, Resource Assessment and Evaluation, Community Board Maintenance, Community Outreach and Public Relations, Youth Involvement and Funding.  On June 20th, 2017, the CTC Community Board met to discuss the Community Assessment Report (see link below) prepared by the Risk and Protective Factor Assessment workgroup that had collected data from public records and the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey (2015) to identify the most prevalent problems in our community.

  The Problem Behaviors are:

1.     Suicide Ideation

2.     30 Day Use of Alcohol

3.     Parental Attitudes towards Substance Use

4.     30 Day use of Marijuana

The Risk Factors associated with these behaviors are:

1.     Availability of Drugs

2.     Favorable Attitudes Toward Substance Use (Family, Community, Peer, School and Individual Domain)

These behaviors were selected as priorities for prevention primarily because data indicated that they are significantly elevated throughout Ouray County.  The data also revealed Ouray County’s strengths as: the majority of the students have clear family expectations, feel safe at school, have a trusted adult with whom they can discuss serious problems, and have a high perception of harm concerning cigarettes.  The Community Assessment Report recommends that the community give selective attention to the risk factors noted above when developing the community’s action plan to prevent youth health and behavior problems and promote child and youth well-being. 

The Community Board’s goal for the rest of the summer is to spread the word about our Communities that Care initiative.