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Voyager Youth Program seeks to inspire the youth of Ouray County to achieve healthy lives through prevention education and experiential activities with a purpose.

We work in partnership with local schools and other organizations to create a community that encourages healthy choices and helps youth to avoid substance abuse and other risk behaviors.

News & Prevention Resources

Who knows best how to help youth make healthy choices around tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol? Youth do! That's why Voyager is developing a Young Health Advocates Team at each school district to develop the best responses to local Healthy Kids Colorado Survey data. Participants will deliver a customized prevention campaign in their school. Do you know a 6th-12th grader in either Ridgway or Ouray School Districts who might be interested in this leadership opportunity? Just have them call our office for more information: 970-626-4279.

  • Speak Now Colorado

    This great initiative is a resource for both youth and parents on preventing the underage use of alcohol and other drugs!

  • Keeping Kids Safe from Sexual Abuse

    A Voyager parent who is also a family therapist recommended this resource for all parents who want to be better informed about protecting their children from sexual abuse. This site is dedicated to that purpose.

  • For Parents: Talking to Kids About Marijuana

    Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado for adult, recreational use, youth perceptions of its harmfulness are falling. Unfortunately, THC exposure in childhood and adolescence is linked to permanent cognitive damage, and the high THC content of marijuana in Colorado is leading to higher rates of addiction. This resource is a guide for parents to talk with kids about why marijuana is not for people under the age of 21.

  • The Big Deal- Marijuana's Effect on Youth

    This fact sheet from the Colorado Department of Education outlines what we know about marijuana's effect on adolescent cognitive, emotional, and physical health and development.

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