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Welcome to Voyager Youth Program!

Voyager Youth Program seeks to inspire the youth of Ouray County to achieve healthy lives through prevention education and experiential activities with a purpose.

We work in partnership with local schools and other organizations to create a community that encourages healthy choices and helps youth to avoid substance abuse and other risk behaviors.

News & Prevention Resources

  • The Big Deal- Marijuana's Effect on Youth

    This fact sheet from the Colorado Department of Education outlines what we know about marijuana's effect on adolescent cognitive, emotional, and physical health and development.

  • The Danger of Mixing Alcohol and Marijuana

    With 1 in 8 Colorado High School students reporting binge drinking and using marijuana within the previous 30 days, awareness needs to be raised of the danger of mixing these two substances. CDPHE's Speak Now! Campaign to prevent youth substance abuse has added this informative page to their website.

  • Official State Marijuana Website Launched

    Colorado's Department of Public Health and the Environment has set up this informative site as a state hub for legalized marijuana information. You will find information on the law, youth exposure, and a variety of other related topics.

  • FDA Proposing New E-Cig Regulations

    With virtually no regulation on e-cigarettes or other vaporizing devices, companies have been openly marketing to youth, using candy flavors and decoy packaging so that devices can be surreptitiously used at school. Meanwhile, propellants are unregulated and commonly include propylene glycol (anti-freeze). Now the FDA has decided it is time to begin regulating these new products.