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Welcome to Voyager Youth Program!

Voyager Youth Program seeks to inspire the youth of Ouray County to achieve healthy lives through prevention education and experiential activities with a purpose.

We work in partnership with local schools and other organizations to create a community that encourages healthy choices and helps youth to avoid substance abuse and other risk behaviors.

News & Prevention Resources

Voyager is proud to announce that we've received a five year grant from the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health to fund our prevention activities. This grant allows us to continue providing evidence-based substance abuse prevention education in the Ouray and Ridgway School Districts, and to offer several new resources to youth and parents in Ouray County to reduce underage substance use. These include parent education, service and leadership activities for teens, and a drop in center where teens can relax when school is not in session! Contact Program Director Lisa Thomason for more information.

  • Protect What's Next

    Colorado's "Good to Know" campaign to support public understanding of the legal and health implications of recreational marijuana use has a new component aimed at preventing underage use. Check out their website to learn more!

  • Smart Choices Safe Kids- A Guide for Parents

    This new site is a resource from the Colorado Alliance for Drug Endangered Children to support parents of teens. You will find information on all substances- legal, illegal, and medical, as well as evidence-based advice on how to prevent teen substance use.

  • E-Cigarette Use Sharply Rises Among Youth

    A new report finds that American youth are using e-cigarettes at increasing levels, even while their use of traditional tobacco cigarettes has plummeted. This New York Times article looks at the trend and its implications for health.

  • Marijuana Fact Sheet: Tips for Parents

    This Fact Sheet from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment outlines the health reasons for keeping marijuana away from children and adolescents.

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